The beginning of a story…

The Nature & Forge story began in 2009.

After a career in finance and management, Christian Delisse decided to retrain. He took the time to reflect and take stock of his professional future. During this period, he also spent more time on his favourite hobbies: drawing and creating wrought iron pieces.
One day, when he was busy finishing a table tablet, his younger daughter marvelled at his creation and said: “Daddy, it’s so beautiful what you do, you should make it your job.” The idea made its way and this is how, a few months later, Christian Delisse and Elena (his wife) decided to set up an art ironwork company. The original logo of this new company was created and designed by the couple’s eldest daughter.

Premier logo

Nature & Forge is hence born from a family collaboration.

In May 2010, NF Artisans & Tradition SRL was created following the publication of its statutes in the Belgian Official Journal. From then on, all preparations for marketing began: creation of designs, search for a workshop, creation of a website, etc. The new creations were exhibited for the first time in June 2012.

Since then, Nature & Forge annually participates in several fairs and is proud to be able to delight more and more customers with its handcrafted creations constantly renewed and diversified.

Since March 2017, Nature & Forge enjoys the official recognition of “Certified Craft” awarded by the Belgian FPS Economy and is listed in the craftsmen directory to be consulted online on the FPS Economy website.

A wonderful reward for a passionate and devoted professional craftsman.

This is how this great adventure began …

and thanks to you it continues.

Thank you for your trust.