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By accessing, browsing and using this website, you expressly agree to comply with and be bound  by these terms and conditions of sale. These general terms and conditions of sale may be modified at all times without prior notice. These terms and conditions of sale apply to all offers, quotes, orders and invoices of NF Artisans & Tradition SRL and are binding between: NF Artisans & Tradition SRL, on the one hand, and any purchaser of a NF Artisans & Tradition SRL product, whether an Internet or direct purchaser (exhibition, fair, trade shows, …), on the other hand. The purchaser accepts thses terms and conditions in their entirety without reservation. 

  1. Customer service
    The purchaser may address any enquiries or comments by e-mail or by phone (+32 476 69 86 87) to NF Artisans & Tradition SRL customer service, who will be happy to help.
  2. Our products
    All products offered by NF Artisans & Tradition SRL are described and shown as up-to-date, complete and accurate as possible. Promotions and prices are only valid on the day they are published on our website. Price quotes are valid for 30 calendar days unless otherwise stated on the quote; after this period, they get a purely informative value. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL disclaims any responsibility if, despite all its efforts, an error would occur into its catalogue of products.
    All products offered by NF Artisans & Tradition SRL comply with the Belgian law. When in doubt, foreign customers are bound to verify and are responsible for compliance of the purchased product with their own national laws.
    NF Artisans & Tradition SRL shall be under no liability neither for the misuse or unwarranted use that the purchaser would make of the goods purchased, directly or online via this website, nor for any personal injuries or damage to property caused to third parties by the misuse and/or unlawful use of the goods purchased, directly or online via this website.
  3. Area served
    The NF Artisans & Tradition SRL offer extends worldwide. However, for any price quote from locations outside of Belgium, please contact us via the contact form. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL will send a return e-mail with the requested price quote.
  4. Our prices
    All our prices are shown in Euros (and include any environmental tax). For the European Union countries (EU), prices include VAT. Prices do not include delivery, installation, possible assembly and shipping charges. These charges depend on the installation and assembly to be carried out on site and the place of destination; they will be subject to a personalised quote.
    For purchases outside the European Union countries, the customer may have to pay import duty or a formal customs entry fee prior to or on delivery. Additional taxes, fees or levies may apply according to local legislation and customers are required to check these details before placing an order for international delivery. Where applicable, it will be the customer sole responsibility to comply with any export control or sanction rules applicable to goods supplied to him.
  5. Order 
    A sales contract between the purchaser and NF Artisans & Tradition SRL is deemed valid and binding as soon as the price quote established by NF Artisans & Tradition SRL is signed for agreement by the purchaser. Any accepted quote must be signed, dated and preceded by the words “good for agreement” and will automatically result in its acceptance. Orders will only be considered as firm once the quote is signed and the deposit is paid. In the event of withdrawal by the customer after payment of the deposit, the latter will remain acquired in compensation for the earnings loss. Our quotes are valid one month, unless otherwise stated in the quote, provided no change in the price of the materials supplied occurs during this period. Should this be the case, NF Artisans & Tradition SRL reserves the right to review and adapt its quote upwards. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL has the right to decline an order or to submit it to additional conditions. As long as the quote has not been accepted by the customer, NF Artisans & Tradition SRL may make any changes it deems useful. Goods delivered to the customer, but not yet fully paid, remain the exclusive property of NF Artisans & Tradition SRL until payment in full. Any force majeure or fortuitous event remains the responsibility of the customer when the goods have been delivered but are not yet paid in full. The customer will ensure that these goods can be identified in its stock and do not become immovable by incorporation. The customer agrees not to encumber, sell or transfer free of charge all or part of the goods that remain our exclusive property, or to encumber any kind of rights in rem or charges whatsoever. 
  6. Payment
    NF Artisans & Tradition SRL bestows paramount importance to the security of payments. Given the substantial amounts involved, and to avoid any computer fraud, NF Artisans & Tradition SRL selected a unique payment procedure via bank transfer for orders either directly placed or online via this website. Any order, be it direct (exhibitions, fairs, trade shows,…) or online via this website, is subject to a deposit payment of minimum 40% to be paid on NF Artisans & Tradition SRL bank account at the time the purchaser signs the price quote for agreement. A second deposit of 40% will be invoiced to the customer, and must be fully paid, before the placement / assembly of the product (s) ordered. In the absence of payment, NF Artisans & Tradition SRL reserves the right to put on hold the placement / assembly of the corresponding product (s). The balance of 20% will be invoiced to the customer at the end of the placement / assembly of the product (s) ordered. The second deposit and the balance have to be paid  immediately upon receipt of the NF Artisans & Tradition SRL invoice for any order placed in Belgium, and approximately four (4) weeks prior to the estimated delivery date for any order placed outside of Belgium. The due date indicated on the invoice prevails over all other possible general terms. Failure to pay the invoice at due date shall involve ipso jure and without formal notice an indemnity of 15% and a penalty interest of 1% per month on the remaining amounts due.
  7. Transport and delivery
    7.1. Shipping, delivery, installation and assembly charges
    For any order placed in Belgium, any delivery, installation and assembly costs will be calculated and included in the quote request. For any order to be shipped outside of Belgium, the shipping charges will be subject to a personalised quote depending on the final destination and the goods to be shipped and will be added to the order price. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL wishes to recall that the parcel dimensions vary according to the good(s) ordered. The quote is made in Euros.

    7.2. Delivery time
    Purchased goods are delivered by the carrier to the ground floor of the address specified by the purchaser at the time the order is placed. In general, a delivery period of 2 to 5 weeks is applicable for small products (decorative objects), 10 to 16 weeks for furniture and 12 to 26 weeks for any other creation. When the purchaser orders multiple goods, the delivery is made only from the moment when all the products are made and ready to be shipped.
    When a good cannot be delivered within the timescale specified here above, NF Artisans & Tradition SRL will contact the purchaser to agree on an acceptable delivery time. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL shall under no circumstances be held liable for any harm possibly incurred by the purchaser due to the late delivery of a good. Furniture pieces and any other personalised and/or custom-made NF Artisans & Tradition SRL creations being unique (handmade products), the indicated delivery times are estimates and hence are not binding. Any delays in the execution of the order can never give rise to compensation or cancellation of the order.

    7.3. Shipping and transport
    NF Artisans & Tradition SRL offers a full transport service for the purchased goods thanks to a partnership with transport companies. The purchaser’s signature will be required as delivery proof. The delivery note handed out by the carrier, dated and signed by the customer at the time of the good(s) delivery, shall be regarded as evidence of transport and shipping.

    7.4. Packaging and insurance
    Purchases are packed with the greatest care using protective materials. The attention given to the packaging allows us to deliver the goods in the best conditions.
    Shipped goods are insured free of charge against damage and theft for the duration of the transport. Therefore, the purchaser must ensure that he receives the order in full, with all the goods purchased, at the time of delivery and in the presence of the person making the delivery so as to emit an objection, if any.
    Should the purchaser have any doubt about the condition or content of the order, he has to refuse the goods at the time of delivery. Any refused good must be reverted to the carrier as a whole and in its original undamaged packaging. Any complaint about the condition of the goods must be sent in writing by e-mail to contactnatureforge@gmail.com within 24 hours of the delivery so as to be taken into consideration.

    7.5. Delivery address
    The purchaser must provide an accurate and precise delivery address. Any mistake in this respect will be his sole responsibility and may incur an additional delivery charge. Should the destination address be incorrect or incomplete, we shall under no circumstances be held liable for failure to deliver the ordered goods. The seller is also released from its delivery obligations in case of the following force majeure events: war, riot, fire, strikes, accidents and supply hindrances. In these cases, the full order amount will be refunded to the purchaser.

    7.6. Customer absence at delivery
    The purchaser must make sure to be present at the agreed time of delivery to receive the parcel and sign the delivery note. In case of absence, a notice will be left in the mailbox. A telephone number will be mentioned with instructions on how to convene a re-delivery with the carrier within a maximum of 5 calendar days. In the latter case, the purchaser must himself collect the parcel at the carrier and, from that moment, the goods will be transported at the customer’s own risk. Or failing that, the customer will need to organise a re-delivery at his own expense with the carrier.

  8. Waiving an order
    For any order directly placed with a deposit payment of 40% (see point 6), the consumer has no right of withdrawal.
    For any order placed online via the website, the consumer has the right to notify NF Artisans & Tradition SRL that he waives the purchase, without penalties and without giving a reason, up to 14 calendar days starting the day after the date the goods are delivered. This notification must be made in writing by sending an email to contactnatureforge@gmail.com. The goods concerned, in perfect condition and in their original undamaged packaging, will be shipped back within 5 calendar days of the day on which the consumer gave us the waiver notification, together with a copy of the invoice and a covering letter stating the full bank account details of the purchaser (IBAN and BIC codes).
    The above cancellation provisions do not apply to any goods which are bespoke and custom-made to your specification (= personalised products). In this case, it will be clearly mentioned on the product page of the relevant goods on the website, as well as on the order confirmation, that “The consumer does not have the right to cancel the purchase”.
    In case of cancellation of an online order, NF Artisans & Tradition SRL will refund to the purchaser any amounts already paid within 30 days as of the day the return was endorsed. Return costs will be fully born by the purchaser. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL will refund these charges only if the good received is not the one ordered or is faulty. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL reserves the right to refuse or not refund the returned goods if the packaging was opened or the goods were used or damaged by the purchaser.
  9. Returns
    The purchaser can only return a good purchased online via the website unless he has explicitly been requested to do so by NF Artisans & Tradition SRL. He will ensure that the package is correctly franked and preferably shipped back via the carrier selected by NF Artisans & Tradition SRL. He will make sure to always enclose a copy of the invoice and a covering letter stating his/her full bank account details (IBAN and BIC codes).
    The purchaser assumes full responsibility for the returns and the goods will be shipped at the purchaser’s own risk. Returns with no postage or deficient postage will systematically be refused and returned to sender.

    Address for returns:

    NF Artisans & Tradition SRL
    Champ de Maubroux 12
    1390 Grez-Doiceau

  10. Complaints
    Complaints about our goods, invoices and billing terms are only valid if sent by registered post. Complaints that are not made within 8 calendar days after assembly, delivery and/or billing will not be accepted. However, complaints concerning visible defects of the goods must be notified at the time of completing the assembly or at the delivery of these goods. In all cases, our liability is only incurred up to the invoiced amount of the goods.
  11. Intellectual property rights
    The contents of this website, including trademarks, logos, data, names of products or companies, texts, photos, layouts, illustrations and other elements appearing on this website or any other web page (social networks, etc.) or show-cased at fairs and/or trade shows, as well as on any document (projects, sketches, price quotes, brochures) or any other support from NF Artisans & Tradition SRL are protected by intellectual property rights that are exclusively owned by NF Artisans & Tradition SRL or its assigns. Every copy, adaptation, translation, processing, use or modification of all or part of these elements, regardless of the form or the means used, is strictly forbidden without mention of the source and the prior written consent of NF Artisans & Tradition SRL. Any purchaser and  user of this website expressly accepts to respect the intellectual property rights owned by NF Artisans & Tradition SRL. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL reserves itself the right to take all the measures which it deems adequate in order to prevent or terminate any violation of its intellectual property rights.
  12. Liability
    The information provided on this website is general in nature. It is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances and therefore cannot be considered by the visitor as personal, professional or legal advice. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL endeavours to provide visitors with accurate, complete and up-to-date information. Should the information provided contain errors or some information was lacking despite these efforts, NF Artisans & Tradition SRL would do everything possible to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Should you notice any errors in the information provided on this website, please feel free to contact us at contactnatureforge@gmail.com. The website content, including the links, may be adapted, modified or supplemented at any time and without notice. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL does not warrant the proper functioning of its website. It cannot be held liable either for any inconvenience related to this matter, or for the temporary unavailability of the website, or for any direct or indirect damage of whatever nature resulting from the consultation of this website or for the use of the services it offers. Likewise, NF Artisans & Tradition SRL cannot under any circumstances be held liable either for any direct, indirect, special or other damage arising from the use of this website or any of the referenced sites, following the activation of links or hyperlinks it contains, or for other potential damage concerning, but not limited to, losses, forced interruptions, damage to programs or other data on the computer system, devices, software or other hardware of the visitor. The website may contain hyperlinks to websites or third party pages or making indirect reference to those. The fact of creating links to websites or third party pages does imply neither an implicit nor explicit endorsement of their content. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL expressly disclaims any control over the content and characteristics of these websites and, consequently, accepts no liability whatsoever in this respect or concerning any damages resulting from their use. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL websites and web pages may contain links to other websites that are not managed by it. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL undertakes not to share any personal information with any of these sites. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL strives to put its visitors in contact with websites offering an equivalent level of quality and confidentiality. NF Artisans & Tradition SRL shall under no circumstances be held liable for the use made of the services offered on these other websites.
  13. Applicable law
    Any dispute concerning the conclusion, validity, interpretation or execution of the sales contract or these terms and conditions of sale shall be exclusively governed by Belgian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nivelles district courts, Belgium.
    In case of differences in interpretation only the French version shall prevail. For information purposes only, and to help you understand the French version, we provide you a free translation in English.