Our approach




  • La soudure

We always start from scratch, each creation is based on a unique design created for you:

  • We go to your home: to listen to your wishes, identify the intended location, view the surroundings and your home style, so as to give you the best advice and optimally address your expectations.
  • We draw a sketch: we draw an original design on paper with a pencil, based upon an on-site photograph, according to your wishes and in harmony with your home and its environment.
  • We finalise the design together: you are actively involved; we submit you our sketch and together we make any possible amendments and/or additions.
  • Our creations are long-lasting: handcrafted in the traditional way, our outdoor creations are sandblasted, metallised and thermal-coated, they do not rust and dress themselves up with the colour of your choice. There is no need to repaint them over time.

Once the sketch is finalised, we shape your design to life. We produce, deliver and proceed with installation.

We carry out all poses ourselves with meticulousness and respect for the surrounding materials.

For your personalised project

Everything is possible (subject to technical requirements)