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” Passionate about wrought iron since my young age, after a career in management, I was frustrated to let this passion slumber. And one question naturally came up: Why not make others benefit from my passion for this universe of bent, forged and worked iron? That’s how I decided to realise my dream : become a designer of original and exclusive wrought iron pieces.”

Christian Delisse


The beginning of a story…

Christian Delisse

For each one of my creations, I get inspired by Nature, I unveil my passion for aesthetics, my search for exclusivity, my quest of a timeless design, while asserting my own style. This is why you will find in some of my pieces wood, stone or even glass.

Nature & Forge combines these materials and wrought iron into exclusive pieces of furniture and original decoration items, handcrafted with timeless materials retaining respect for traditions.

The Belgian artists and craftsmen (artisans) with whom we work come from different backgrounds and are gifted with multiple talents.

Each creation is unique

and tells a story … your story