Founded in 2010, Nature & Forge creates original and exclusive wrought iron pieces.

A professional craftsman is at your service while guaranteeing the best quality and a fair price from conception to completion, his know-how will guide you.

a unique piece in classic or contemporary wrought iron created for you

our expertise and know-how to serve your desires and needs

a “Certified craft” product shaped and produced in our workshop in Belgium

a long-lasting creation, for in- or outdoors whatever, we adapt finishes

a resistant original design made of steel and wrought iron not deteriorating over time

an environmentally friendly creation with little or no maintenance

” They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it. “

Mark Twain

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Phone: +32 (0)476 69 86 87

Address workshop: Rue Longue 128B, 1370 Piétrain (Jodoigne)